Redaktionelle Richtlinien

Blaulicht Berlin strives to provide accurate, impartial and balanced news and analysis in the fields of business, technology, science, politics and health. This editorial policy explains how we select and review the content and tools you see on our website, how we distinguish advertising and sponsored content from news content, how financial or other outside influences affect our website, and how you do Contact us, ask questions or comment on our websites.

Websites Covered About This Policy Any
reference to “Blaulicht Berlin” or “We” or “” means Blaulicht Berlin, including all companies that we control (for example, a subsidiary that we own). The term “website” refers to our website We have a section “About us” on our website in which you can find out more about our company, our activities and contact options.

This editorial guideline applies to You should read the editorial guidelines on every website you visit after leaving We are not responsible for how other websites handle editorial content when you leave our website.

Changes to Editorial Guidelines
There may be minor changes to the Policy that do not affect the general objectives that this Policy is intended to achieve. If the policy changes in a way that significantly affects how we deal with editorial matters, we will make our users aware of the change. We will publish policy changes on our websites in a timely manner.

Editorial guidelines
Blaulicht Berlin endeavors to provide you with balanced and accurate information. Blaulicht Berlin employs editors who are responsible for the selection, development and maintenance of the content. We recognize the importance of a clear separation between our independent editorial content and any promotional material or content that could be influenced by our sponsors. In addition, we have organized the operation of our website in such a way that our education and funding programs are appropriately separated from an editorial point of view.

Sources of our information
All materials on our website that we present as our own are either created by us or obtained from content providers whose editorial processes we have evaluated and found acceptable. The material we create is written either by our permanent editors or by freelance journalists commissioned by us. Our content has been evaluated by internal editors and all submitted content is checked for a fair balance and whether the learning objectives are achieved through the content. Third party editorial content sources include government agencies, nonprofits, universities and key stakeholders who provide news and information on all of the industries we cover. Our editorial team checks most of the content from external sources for correctness, balance, completeness and topicality before we make it available on our website. In the cases in which a complete check is not possible, we rely on random samples and our prior evaluation of possible sources of information and the editorial approach of the information provider (e.g. publications). In most cases, the content that we obtain from others has also been checked by the provider’s own internal staff or has been checked by independent local authorities. In some areas of our website we provide content that comes from corporate partners and conference organizers. We design these areas to make it clear to the user that the content has not yet passed through our editorial process. Blaulicht Berlin regularly reviews the content of the website to ensure that it remains relevant. If necessary, content found incorrect or out of date is corrected, updated, moved to an archive (where it remains available) or cleaned up. We can use the editor’s notes to indicate when this happened.

Verlinkung zu anderen Seiten
Wir stellen auf unserer gesamten Website Firmenlogos oder Links zu anderen Websites zur Verfügung. Diese Logos und Links sollen nicht bedeuten, dass wir diese Entitäten genehmigen oder Benutzern empfehlen. Wenn wir eine Empfehlung aussprechen, weisen wir dies in Verbindung mit dem Logo oder Link deutlich aus. Wir gestalten unsere Website mit dem Ziel, Ihnen deutlich zu machen, wenn Sie unsere Websites zu einer anderen Website verlassen, damit Sie wissen, dass die Werbung, redaktionellen Richtlinien, Datenschutzrichtlinien und Nutzungsbedingungen einer anderen Website gelten.
Finanzinformationen und Einfluss von außen
Derzeit setzt Blaulicht Berlin, wie die meisten Informationsseiten im World Wide Web, auf Werbung und Sponsoring, einschließlich Bannerwerbung, Native Advertising, Videowerbung und Sponsored Posts. In Bezug auf Sponsoring oder sonstige finanzielle Beziehungen beachten wir folgende Grundsätze:
• Wir trennen gesponserte Inhalte klar von nicht gesponserten Inhalten;
• Wir können Einnahmen von Dritten im Zusammenhang mit Werbung erzielen, die von anderen auf unserer Website gesponsert wird, einschließlich Werbeeinnahmen, Provisionen für Verbraucherkäufe, Gebühren aufgrund der Nutzung von Links zu anderen Websites durch Verbraucher.
• Links zu anderen Websites, Logos oder Marken anderer Unternehmen oder Co-Branding stellen keine Empfehlungen dar, es sei denn, wir weisen ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass wir diese empfehlen.
• Bei Rechercheinhalten auf unserer Website geben wir den Autor oder die Quelle des Materials und das Datum des Materials oder seiner letzten Aktualisierung deutlich an. Wenn wir Inhalte als Ergebnis von Fallstudien, Projekten oder wissenschaftlichen Forschungen präsentieren, werden wir den tatsächlichen Autor der Inhalte und andere Personen, die eine wesentliche Rolle beim Schreiben, Bearbeiten oder anderweitigen Vorbereiten des Materials gespielt haben, eindeutig offenlegen.
• We require authors who write for us to fill out a conflict of interest form that requires disclosure of any financial interests and connections that affect, or appear to affect, the content they provide. If, in our opinion, the conflicts are significant, we require them to be disclosed in connection with the content of our website. We ask the same of those who work in our various editorial offices.

We welcome any comments, questions, or complaints you have about this editorial policy or our websites. Please contact us by email at mailto: [email protected]